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March 28, 2017 via web


Albuquerque Police Department


Jennifer Saiz






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Anthony Simoes

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Hello Ms. Saiz, 

On March 29, 2017, the Albuquerque Police Department received your public records request dated March 28, 2017, which requested the following records:


Original request

Child abuse 

Child's name Jordin Santiago Stanley

Birthday 07/09/04

Date December 11 2013

Offender name Dominic Stanley

I am requesting forensic photographs and safe house interview police report and officer lapel cam 


Unfortunately, we cannot permit inspection of this record, because we have determined it is excepted from disclosure for the following reasons pursuant to NMSA 1978, § 14-2-1(A)(1), (4), and (8), which are as follows:


            (1)        records pertaining to physical or mental examination

(4)     law enforcement records that reveal confidential sources, methods, information or individuals accused but not charged with a crime.  Law enforcement records include evidence in any form received or compiled in connection with a criminal investigation or prosecution by a law enforcement or prosecuting agency, including inactive matters or closed investigations to the extent that they contain the information listed in this paragraph;

(8)         as otherwise provided by law.


Additionally, it is our belief that you do not fall under the approved disclosure list under NMSA 1978, § 32A-4-33(B). However, our basis under § 14-2-1(A)(8) is not limited to § 32A-4-33, and our reference to that particular statute is meant to provide you with additional insight, so that you or your attorney can reply if you disagree with our legal determination.

Case Number 13-0111280
  • Report
  • Photographs
  • Safehouse Videos
  • Officer Lapel Videos
Thank you ,

Office of the Acting APD Records Custodian

Valerie Barela

Acting APD Records Custodian/Acting Records Supervisor

400 Roma Avenue NW, Alb., NM 87102

Office (505) 768-2137
April 13, 2017, 11:19am
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