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January 8, 2018 via email


Planning , PL - Building Safety Division


Jenny R. Lijoi






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Linda Rumpf

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Ms. Lijoi:


On January 8, 2018, we received your public records request for the following records:


Blackstone Consulting LLC is representing a real estate entity that has interest in the above-referenced property. We are assisting our client in a building condition evaluation, therefore, we respectfully request the following information:

  • Building Permit for the original building shell.
  • Original Certificate(s) of Occupancy (C of Os).
  • Any current code violations or complaints at the above referenced property. What current Building Code is enforced?
  • The zoning classification (not a zoning verification letter).

These documents may be forwarded by email, mail or facsimile. If some or all of these documents are unavailable or do not exist, please provide a letter of explanation.

If there are any fees for this search, please let me know before research starts. I am authorized to approve charges of up to $50; above this amount I will need to have my supervisor’s approval.

Thank you very much for your consideration and assistance with this matter.


Jenny R. Lijoi


This communication will confirm our completion of your request. We have searched for responsive records and not been able to locate or identify any records. As a result, there are no responsive records related to your request that are maintained by the Planning Department.


Additionally, information concerning the current zoning designation of the property can be found by using the department's address report page ( and/or by contacting the Code Enforcement Division (


My office will now close your public records request.



B. Williams

Planning Department

January 12, 2018, 5:16pm
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