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Records / Budgets


April 10, 2018 via web


Animal Welfare Department


Bryant Furlow






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Sandy Renfro

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Dear Mr. Furlow,

On April 10, 2018 we received your public records request for the following records:

Under the provisions of the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) statutes and amendments, I request an opportunity to inspect the following City Animal Welfare Department (AWD) records or records containing the following information, dated after Jan. 1, 2014:

  1. Any and all statistical reports and/or Powerpoint presentations describing the "505 Paws for Life" program.budget and expenditure.
  2. "505 Paws for Life" annual program budget records.
  3. Organizational charts and/or rosters of individuals involved in the "505 Paws for Life" program.
  4. Memos of understanding, operating agreements, and/or contracts related to the "505 Paws for Life" program.
  5. The animal identification numbers, names, and animal recordsĀ for any and all dogs involved in the "505 Paws for Life" program.

This communication will confirm our completion of your request. We have searched for responsive records and not been able to locate or identify any records for a program named 505 Paws for Life. As a result, there are no responsive records related to your request that are maintained by my office. My office will now close your public records request.


Sandy Renfro
Records Custodian
April 17, 2018, 10:36am
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April 11, 2018, 8:27am
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Animal Welfare Department
April 10, 2018, 4:09pm
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April 10, 2018, 4:09pm