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April 12, 2018 via email


Albuquerque Police Department


Silvio Dell'Angela






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Nyvia Barraza

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This request has been duplicated, therefore it will be closed. Request 18-2020 will continue to be processed.


Original Request:


In an April 3 e-mail I asked Chief Geier “Regarding your new APD Compliance Bureau and Compliance Plan discussed with Judge Brack.  Will you send me the Plan and the names of those members on your Bureau or do I have to make a NM IPRA request?”  Thus far I have yet to receive a reply. 


Therefore IAW the NM IPRA request the opportunity to review both since neither are on the APD webpage.  These should be readily available


  1. A listing of members on the APD’s Compliance Bureau
  2. A copy of the APD Compliance Plan




In my e-mail yesterday to Mayor Keller and many yesterday, I sent a copy of the Tuesday ABQReport article by Pete Dinelli titled, “Dinelli: Amateur Hour for Keller so Far.“ Today it was sent to your office FYI.  One criticism was with the spokespersons for the Mayor who seemingly are less than prompt and honest with responding to serious issues in this city.  This caused Pete to say our Mayor was an amateur in performing his job-criticism I described as just giving our Mayor some tough love.

Yet another example of “amateur hour” downtown is described below.  It concerns the contradictory things being told to Ms. Jennifer Rhea by the administration vs. what your office and APD’s records supervisor Ms. Barraza is telling her.  If APD doesn’t have this alleged contract, you have an obligation to find out who does-assuming it even exists. 

Since your office hasn’t done so, Ms. Rhea has made another NM IPRA request-this time directly to the Mayor’s office as you know-copy attached where based on their response, it is expected that his office will unjustifiably delay responding to Ms. Rhea as long as possible.   Do you see an embarrassing pattern here?

Ms. Rhea says, “The Keller administration has insisted that it cannot cancel the 2018 NRA National Police Shooting Contest because of a pre-existing contract. As this response below demonstrates, the City Clerk was unable to locate any such contract. This went through APD and Mayor Keller's office, in the course of the search. Nothing. “

As you may know the failure of APD, the DAs and others in the justice system to hold any of the well over 50 APD officers who have shot citizens over the past  four years accountable for their killings.  Contributing to this is the intentional absence of any released incriminating recordings (except for the single helmet recording of the murder of homeless camper James Boyd) has made APD and this city a national disgrace. 

This abysmal police shooting record combined with the blessed privately run “killology” training course promoted by APD Lt. Aragon conducted for police officers several years ago has perpetuated APD’s reputation as just a trigger happy killing organization and ABQ as a free-fire combat zone.  Unfortunately, the BCSO is just as bad, one reason Sheriff Gonzales wants no video recorders for his deputies.  Yet the County Commissioners and County Manager don’t care.

Yet it is almost disgraceful that as part of APD’s reform, the DOJ and Judge Brack has refused to acknowledge the importance of APD’s refusal to comply with NM IPRA requests as a key contributor to its thus far lack of any real reform since the CASA with the DOJ was signed in 2014.

Therefore it is not surprising that Ms. Rhea would call for the cancellation of  this year’s NRA National Police Shooting Contest as others have done in past years.  Yet APD’s Records Supervisor Ms. Barraza would claim to you that no such contract exists while you depended solely on her/APD’s response. See below. 

As you know a former APD records custodian Reynaldo Chavez was fired because he was no longer willing to stonewall NM IPRA requests and subsequently sued APD and this city.  In Reynaldo’s lawsuit, both Charles Arasim and I were specifically mentioned as individuals whose NM IPRA requests were not to be complied  with. 

Like the over $70 million of our taxes already paid to settle lawsuits for those  harmed or affected by police killings with more multi-million dollar settlements on the way,  a judge has ruled recently that over $100,000 be paid to Mr. Chavez and his attorney for APD’s NM IPRA stonewalling/misconduct.


Finally, our Mayor has promised us transparency, yet another promise he has broken. 

If your office is just an NM IPRA paper pusher for others in the administration, the Mayor might  consider taking the office of the clerk out of the NM IPRA compliance business as you have unfortunately become the scapegoat for non-compliance by others.  You should be angry.



296 3241

P.S. You still have not provided me with 500+ names of the 1000 invited to the December 1 swearing in ceremony of the Mayor and Councilors.  I do plan to come in to look at the secret contract awarded to Joanie Griffin.





Thank you, 





Nyvia Barraza

APD Records Custodian/IPRA Supervisor

Office (505) 768-2137

Cell (505) 980-4944

April 13, 2018, 4:42pm
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