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November 2, 2018 via web




David Billa






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Kathleen Oney

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Mr. Billa:


On November 2, 2018, we received your public records request for the following records:


Please provide us with any information regarding utility account balances (water, sewer, and garbage) for the property listed below.  


Please advise if there are any Liens/Special assessments (open invoices) that are not recorded on the tax bill and / or if any special assessments have been transferred to the county to be assessed to the property taxes such as weeds, tall grass mowing, fees, fines etc for the below stated property.


Ref File #:       1015790212 Due-Diligence(FreddieMac 2018_0905)

Address:        1531 Fox Hill Pl SW Albuquerque, NM 87121-8328

Parcel:            101005521337520345

Requested Information

  • Account #
  • Amount Due: $
  • Due Date:
  • Service Period:
  • Garbage Included: Yes or No
  • This Service provided Does Lien: Yes or No
  • If there are any prior delinquencies, please provide a breakdown to include the base amounts and Interest due good thru 11/30/2018. Is a delinquency on the account lienable against the property? Is the water on or has it been shut off?


This communication will confirm our completion of your request, as we have not been able to locate or identify any records held by our department for this address. As a result, my office will now close your public records request.



B. Williams

Planning Department

November 6, 2018, 2:45pm
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November 2, 2018, 2:35pm
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