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Yvette Gurule

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May 23, 2019, 12:18pm
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Hello Ms. Mann, 


All responsive documents have been made available for inspection. This request is now fulfilled and will be closed. 



Yvette Gurule

IPRA Specialist 

May 23, 2019, 12:18pm
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May 17, 2019, 9:01am
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P2019000038 IPRA request.pdf
P2019000038 IPRA request pt2.pdf
P2019000038 interoffice memo.pdf
P2019000038 IPRA request pt3.pdf
C.1 - Table of Contents.pdf
C.2 - Cost Proposal.pdf
C.2 - Cost Proposal.xlsx
C.0 - Proposal Cover.pdf
T.5 - Technical Workbook.xlsx
T.6 - Vendor Financials.pdf
T.7 - Pay Equity Reporting Form.pdf
T.7 - Pay Equity Reporting Form.xls
T.8 - A. Addendum No. 1.pdf
T.8 - B. Addendum No. 2.pdf
T.9 - Exhibit A - Member Out-of-Pocket Comparison.pdf
T.10 - Exhibit B - Third Party Data Processing.pdf
T.11 - Exhibit C - City of ABQ Contract.pdf
T.12 - Exhibit D - Certificate of Insurance.pdf
T.13 - A. Exhibit E - GeoAccess Report - Optometrists.pdf
T.13 - B. Exhibit E - GeoAccess Report - Ophthalmologists.pdf
T.14 - Exhibit F - A.M. Best Rating and Results.pdf
T.15 - Exhibit G - Patient Satisfaction Survey Results.pdf
T.16 - Exhibit H - Sandoval County Doctor List.pdf
T.16 - Exhibit H - Sandoval County Doctor List.xlsx
T.17 - Exhibit I - Sample Reports.pdf
T.0 - Proposal Cover.pdf
T.1 - Letter of Transmittal.pdf
T.2 - Table of Contents.pdf
T.3 - Proposal Summary.pdf
T.4 - Questionnaire.docx
T.4 - Questionnaire.pdf
T.5 - A. Vendor Information.pdf
T.5 - B. Provider Counts.pdf
T.5 - C. Disruption Exhibit.pdf
T.5 - D. Plan Design Comparison.pdf
1.2 Vision Deviations.pdf
1.3 Performance Guarantees.pdf
2.1 GeoAccess Report.pdf
_Table of Contents - Cost.docx
1.1 Response to Appendix F - Cost Proposal.XLSX
3.3 Sample Vision Reports_.pdf
4.1 Response to Appendix D - Vision Technical Plan.xlsx
5.1 MetLife 2017 Annual Report.pdf
5.1 Vendor Financials.pdf
6.1 Preference Certification Form and Vendor Preference Affidavit of Eligibility_.pdf
6.2 Pay Equity Reporting Form_.pdf
6.3 Addendum 1_.pdf
6.4 Addendum 2_.pdf
_Executive Summary.pdf
_Privacy Notice.pdf
_Table of Contents - Technical.docx
1. Letter of Transmittal_.pdf
2.1 Response to Parts 2 and 3.pdf
2.2 Account Team Resumes.pdf
2.3 Sample Implementation Timeline.pdf
2.4 Sample Communications Plan for Vision.pdf
3.1 Response to Appendix B - Questionnaire.docx
3.2 MetLife Vision Participating Providers_Sandoval County-NM (Nov18).xlsx
03_ City of Albuquerque - MOOP.xlsx
04_Proposed Performance Guarantees.docx
05_Network Access Request.pdf
Table of Contents.docx
01_Appendix F Cost Proposal.XLSX
02 Proposed Benefit City of Albuquerque.docx
04 Appendix E Vendor Financials.pdf
05 Cost Proposal Statement.docx
06 Technical Proposal Narrative Responses.docx
Table of Attachments.docx
Table of Contents.docx
00 Letter of Transmittal.docx
01 Proposal Summary.docx
02 Appendix B Questionnaire.docx
03 Appendix D Vision Technical plan.xlsx
03_National Retail Provider List.pdf
04_Sandoval County Network Providers.xlsx
05_Davis Vision Insurance Certificate.pdf
07_Sample Comprehensive Reporting Package.pdf
08_Sample Implementation Table.pdf
11_City of Albuquerque Draft Agreement (DV redline).docx
01_Member Satisfaction Results 2017.pdf
02_FitFwd Flyer.pdf
2-Vision Financial Exhibit.pdf
3-Performance Guarantees Table.pdf
TOC-Cost Proposal.pdf
1-Appendix_F_Cost_Proposal vision.xlsx
1-Appendix_F_Cost_Proposal vision-signed.pdf
6B-Appendix E-Vendor Financials.pdf
6C-Appendix A-Sample Implementation Timeline.pdf
7-Client Management Team Qualifications.pdf
8A-Network Composition and Access.pdf
8B-City of Albuquerque Vision Geo.pdf
8C-Vision Provider List.xlsx
9-Appendix B-Questionnaire_final.docx
10-Pay Equity Reporting Form.pdf
11A-Sample Reporting.pdf
11B-Vision Ben Sum City of Albuquerque.pdf
Cover Letter.pdf
Transmittal Letter.pdf
1A-Offeror Identification Response.pdf
1B.1-Draft Agreement Deviations.pdf
1B.2-Sample Vision Group Policy.pdf
1C.1-Addendum No 1 vision.pdf
1C.2-Addendum No 2 vision.pdf
2A-Experience Response.pdf
2B.1-Sales Account Team Resumes_Jennifer McKelvey.pdf
2B.2-Lesku Resume 11.2018.pdf
3-Proposed Approach to Tasks.pdf
4-Management Summary Response.pdf
5A-Network Composition Access and Minimal Disruption.pdf
5B-Appendix D_Technical Plan.xlsx
6A-Organizational Strength.pdf
May 16, 2019, 10:28am
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May 2, 2019, 9:13am
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